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Terms Of Use
'QDigital Astrophotography?, hereinafter called QDA, grants the permission to use documents from this site (including but not limited to, press releases and white papers), subject to the following provisions. Documents included under the terms of this permission explicitly exclude any part of the design of this web site, including but not limited to Java or other script, logos, graphics, sounds and images. Documents may be used solely for non-commercial or personal use for information only, and are not for re-distribution in any form including, but not limited to, printed reproduction, posting on any network or internet service, broadcast or publication in any media.

The documents are used unmodified and in their complete form as provided, including any copyright notice contained therein. All information is provided 'as is', and is subject to change without notice.

Documents or other information provided on or via this site do not constitute any form of specification, contract or any other binding commitment. The presence of any product, item or feature does not infer any guarantee of its initial or continued provision or availability.

These restrictions and permissions can only be modified by prior written permission of QDA.

No warranties are expressed or implied with respect to the information provided, its quality, performance, accuracy, or suitability for any purpose. In no circumstances will the copyright holder be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of this information.

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Any links to sites which are not owned or controlled by QDA are provided simply for convenience.

QDA does not hold any responsibility for accuracy of such links, nor does their presence imply any recommendation or endorsement of products, service, or other information to which the link may refer.


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