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Star Reduction Script
Very often the stars in the field are very conspicuous and distract the attention from the structures behind them, or simply don't allow the display of such structures clearly. One solution is simply "star size reduction".

This script reduces the size of stars in the target image, has an optional facility to sharpen stars after reduction, and incorporates an FWHM measurement tool that can be used to determine the median FWHM of stars before and after reduction.

StarReduction Script Version 1.01 Download

To download StarReduction script click the Download button to the right. The script will be downloaded in ZIP format. Unzip the files and copy them a separate folder, and then add the script to PixInsight by executing Script > Feature Scripts > Add, navigate to the folder where the script file was copied and click Choose, the script will be added and appear in the scripts under Utilities.

Full documentation is currently in preparation.
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