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Large Scale Structure Enhance Script
Astronomical images are complex and delicate, and require changes to improve them in some aspect by treating structures and facets individually without affecting the rest.

This script is based on the workflow as developed by Rogelio Bernal Andreo and is fully described in Robert Gendler's book Lessons From The Masters. Basically,the script divides the image into two parts: onecontaining large structures, and a second one with relatively smallstructures, and then allows the user to extractthe maximum possible amount of information from each structure of theimage before re-combing into a final image.

LargeScaleStructureEnhance Version 1.00 Script Download

To download LargeScaleStructureEnhance script click the Download button to the right. The script will be downloaded in ZIP format. Unzip the files and copy them to a separate folder, and then add the script to PixInsight by executing Script > Feature Scripts > Add, navigate to the folder where the script file was copied and click Choose, the script will be added and appear in the scripts under Utilities.

Full documentation is currently in preparation.
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