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  • Takahashi EM200 Temma 2M Mount
  • Takahashi FSQ-85EDX (Baby Q) Astrograph with 0.73x Q-Reducer
  • Celestron C8 EdgeHD SCT with 0.7x reducer
  • Atik 383L+ Mono Camera
  • Atik EFW2 Electronic Filter Wheel
  • Precise Parts custom made spacers (
  • Baader LRGB/Ha/OIII/SII 2" Filters
  • Skywatcher ST80 Guide Scope
  • Starlight Xepress Ladestar X2 Autoguider Camera
  • Lakeside Astro Motorised Focuser (
  • Altair Astro TMS Mounting System
  • Earlsmann Electroluminescence panel for Flat frames (
  • Kendrick Dew Heater Tapes and Controller
  • ASCOM 6
  • Temma Driver v6.2 by Chuck Feranda (
  • Pole Finder by Hartmut Bornemann
  • Maxim DL
  • AlignMaster by Matthias Garzarolli (
  • FocusMax
  • Cartes du Ciel (Sky Chart)
  • PixInsight 1.8
  • Photoshop CC 2017
  • Nik Software Tools for Photoshop
Software no longer used

Current Setup

Current Updated Setup

This image shows the current setup of the Takahashi FSQ85EDX on its Takahashi EM-200 Mount, Atik 383L+ camera and guide scope. The scopes are mounted side-by-side with a cross-slide which simplifies balancing and also allows me to mount a different main imaging scope. The red muffs around both scopes hide the dew heater tapes and help keep the heat concentrated, these where made from an old dressing gown by my ever supportive wife Margaret.

In January 2014 I complimented my setup with a Celestron C8 Edge HD to enable me to image smaller deep-sky objects. The necessary extension tubes to enable me to use the same camera where manufactured by Precise Parts in the US.

Past Setups

First Updated Setup

This image shows the updated setup of the Celestron C8 SCT on its Takahashi EM-200 Mount with a Nikon 300mm lens and SSAG camera being used for guiding. Initially I used my Nikon D2 DSLR as the main imaging camera, but after struggling to gain correct focus and control the camera in a manner I wanted I quickly gave up on this idea and purchased an Atik 383L+ mono camera....and again, I have never looked back again, it proved to be a perfect solution for the way I wanted to work.

Note the draggy hanging cables.....not a good idea as it affects the guiding performance.

Initial Setup

This image shows my first setup mounted on its concrete pier and before the observatory was built. The scope is a Celestron C8 XLT SCT mounted on a CG-5 Mount. The CG-5 proved to be very difficult, if not impossible, to guide accurately due to its bad design and manufacturing tolerances, even after a complete strip down, grease removal and re-build in accordance with well documented short it just did not cut the mustard.

After much deliberation I replaced the CG-5 mount with the much higher quality Takahashi EM-200 Mount and I have never looked back since.
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